VET Business Administrator (Kaufmann/-frau EFZ)

VET Construction Machinery Mechanic (Baumaschinenmechaniker/in EFZ)

Road Transport Specialist VET (Strassentransportfachmann/-frau EFZ)

VET Recycler (Recyclist/in EFZ)

Do you care about the environment? Would you like to make a difference, and do you undertake big projects seamlessly?  Or do you enjoy being on the road and love communicating? Then discover our four environmental careers. 

As a premiere recycling company in Switzerland, the Thommen Group offers you diverse and challenging tasks for a sustainable future at 15 different locations. 

Responsible training is important to us: Our professional trainers will accompany you on the path to successful completion and assist you in both word and deed. 

Become our new recycling professional and an important member of the Thommen family!

Interested in joining the Thommen family? We look forward to receiving your application.


We see ourselves as a team and attach great importance to a family atmosphere.


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Information for parents, teachers and career counselors

What should you focus on in your application?

Application documents 

Your application documents give us an initial impression of you. To present yourself in the best possible way, it is particularly important to prepare your documents carefully. Before sending us your application documents, make sure they are complete and have them proofread.

To review your application, we kindly ask you to submit the following documents:

Your curriculum vitae chronologically reflects your previous history and contains the most significant personal information.

Make sure the presentation is clean and clear, and include at least the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Contact details (email address and telephone number)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Practical experience
  • Special knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Special interests (hobbies)
  • Date
  • Signature

Include everything that presents you favourably and that we as your potential future employer should know about you. Make sure your CV is no longer than two pages.

These documents are intended to provide us with insight into essential information regarding your application. 

Required documents:

  • School reports for the last three years

Other potential documents:

  • Evidence of job shadowing
  • Multicheck
  • Evidence of voluntary activities
  • Additional evidence of qualifications 

Do you have all your documents together? Brilliant! We look forward to receiving your application!

Christina Kimmig
Christina Kimmig,
Head of Human Resources

For me, it is very fulfilling to develop young people professionally and personally and to motivate them for their daily work.