Vision & Mission

Advancing with success

It is not just recyclable materials that are needed in order to achieve success in recycling - values are also a key requirement. Our Mission Statement formulates our Vision and Mission, setting out the central goals and values of the Thommen Group. 

Our vision: advancing with success

Only success can guarantee our long-term existence and enable us to invest in all types of resources. We endeavour to build up strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers and we achieve demonstrable success in our business operations. This results in added value for all parties involved. The desire to “advance” is our propulsion, our aspiration and our motivation in all areas.

Our mission: we close loops and create resources

We take material that it makes sense to recycle from an environmental and economic perspective. This then generates profits and success for us, which allows us to invest in human and material capital and thereby create new resources.

Our values:


We maintain our independence by ensuring that every one of our companies is successful. An important key for this is building up close and lasting partnerships.


We enjoy doing what we do. We go the extra mile to be successful and come out on top in the diverse world of recycling.


We take on board different points of view, look out for one another and place importance on creating a family atmosphere.


We promote innovation, invest in the future and perform a leading role within our industry.


We act in accordance with legal requirements with the aim of conserving natural resources. Protecting the life and health of our employees is a top priority.


We stand for Swiss values such as quality, pragmatism, reliability and honouring our word.